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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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breaking news in san jose, a fire has burned a home and sent two to the hospital. >> katie marzullo is live at the scene. >> reporter: the scene is an active firefighter that the time. you can see the flames we are not that far in the foreground, worker from pg&e just coming off the pole he is now turning off the power to this neighborhood. i do not know how many homes that includes. you can see why, this house fully engulfed house fire on the 1500 block of carlton. two were inside when the fire broke out. they were able to get out and walked half a on their own but have been taken to the hospital. it does not sound like their injuries are life-threatening. spokesperson for the fire
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department -- [ inaudible ] apparently there were pets in the house at the time. we do not know the whereabouts or status of those pets. because -- the cause of the fire has yet to be determined but there was live ammo in the house when the fire broke out. the fire department confirmed that as well as a neighbor who says when he looked out his window he realized he was hearing and seeing things shooting from the house. furthering the fact that there was ammo inside. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. lots of crews still out here on the scene on carlton avenue, still working to put in fire out. flames from the corner of the house. the rest of the house just gutted. you can see firefighters continuing to spray water. two people get out safely, but have gone to the hospital with what sounds like minor injuries. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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we'll check back with you in a little bit. more breaking news in san jose. police investigating the city's latest homicide. they got to this place before 2:00 this2,>lx morning officers responded to the 1700 block of rogers avenue to fan a man who had been shot he died a few minutes later. at this point police are not releasing information. in vallejo, accused bomb maker under arrest after authorities discovered explosives in his home. >> fire in the hole! >> that was one of two powerful blasts that rocked this vallejo neighborhood last night. the bomb squad used robots to search the home on georgia street and detonated bomb-making materials found inside. >> you are probably not going to bring a house down with it, if it was around something that was thrapl able if it had gone off in the proximity of a
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human being or some living creature has the power to kill someone is police don't have a bomb squad which is why they asked the fbi and napa county sheriff's department for help. they are not releasing the suspect's identity all they are saying is it is a man in his 50s. excited giants fans celebrating unprecedented come back in the national league to keep the team's post-season hopes alive. unfortunately, we can't say the same for the a's. but their fans are hope about a great season. -- their fans are happy about a great season. terry mcsweeney is at the park. orange and black, go. >> reporter: they don't know where to go, back to washington, d.c. to play the nationals, back home to play the cardinals? they don't know that yet that's why they are spending the night in cincinnati. before we get to the giants let's take about the a's. 6-0 loss to the tigers.
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verlander may be the best pitcher in baseball shutting them out tough one for the team. after the game a's fans with a standing ovation for their boys of summer on that chilly fall evening something to build on if a's management might be interested. across the bay opposite set of emotions giants fans and giants celebrated. >> reporter: they had the tying run at first in the 9th romo gets final out time to break out the champagne, no glasses required, manager bochy talked about his team. >> i couldn't be prouder of a bunch of of guys who come in and do what they did, that's quite a task. it is going against all odds and they found a way to get it
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done. >> reporter: where to from here for the giants? washington nationals playing cardinals tonight if washington wins giants go back to washington to play sunday. if the cardinals win giants come home to play at at&t sunday. that's still up in the air. one thing is a fact giants have moved on in the playoffs, amazing comeback for an amazing team. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. riff between san jose's police and fire unions growing. [ unintelligible ]
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>> tuesday i spoke with three different campaign law attorneys and took them through these facts. all three said unequivocally, this is a clear violation of the law. >> allows transfers between committees, it is permissible. so that's what was done one committee to another. >> mayor reed maintains nothing illegal was done and claims there's a political agenda behind the union's complaint. santa clara police investigating shooting involving an officer. they received two calls about a loud argument at a home late wednesday night. officers helped calm the situation. as they were leaving the argument started up again. that's when they say the 41-year-old man cut himself with a knife then made a threatening gesture towards his 66-year-old father. all three officers fired, the sun was killed.
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a neighbor says the father is distraught over his son's shooting. >> i'm not surprised by the%qeq zonk aggressive. -- by the zonk aggressive. i'm a little surprised they shot and killed him. couldn't they have shot him in the leg or something? >> the officers are on paid administrative leave while the department investigates the shooting. union city high school freshman could be expelled after handing out pot-laced rice krispies to her fellow classmates. she was arrested after she bought them to james logan high and handed them out to other students. school officials could decide next week whether to expel the student. vta says trains should be moving normal this morning now that crews have fixed a downed power line. the wire came down on a light rail vehicle last night. the wire is part of the
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over-head webbing that holds the lines. passengers were evacuated, put on buses, nobody hurt. the downed line forced to close streets in the area for a while. again, things should be back to normal today. light rail tracks might be a little slick, transit driving could be affected. definitely damp, good morning. here's a look at live doppler showers are ending as we speak still pockets of drizzle as we head through the morning. you can see the drying trend on the radar. going to head across livermore possibly pleasanton, diablo range, milpitas, san jose to morgan hill if it holds together that's where the best chance of any showers will be over the next hour or so. damp and drizzle through the morning, 50s dry by noon sunny spots will develop in the latter parts of the afternoon 50s along the coast mid to upper 60s 4:00 around the bay
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and inland everybody needs a coat during the afternoon, damp, fog will start to form during the evening temperatures 58 at the coast low to mid 60s around the bay and inland. next couple of days warming trend tomorrow brighter and drier and then you start to feel the warm push sunday, especially monday into next week could be warmer than this. good morning. problems with muni, delay west portal structure fire near the tunnel they are stopping muni trains switching back bus bridge in place expect muni metro delays west portal area switching back with a bus bridge in place for muni no other mass transit problems. roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge, getting set to pick up in another 30 minutes you might find slowing eastbound. westbound looks like it is good towards the pittsburg
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area. elsewhere, roadwork north 101 in cortamadera couple lanes blocked towards the tamalpais paradise off-ramp for the repaving project you can see slow traffic in the northbound direction. expect major delays this weekend big half moon bay pumpkin festival, it has been a tough ride out there any way on a normal weekend. this weekend 92, highway 1, very, very slow out to half moon bay. you want to check your waze app do that by downloading this free app, right now 92 headed towards half moon bay clear, no delays at this hour. yes, big delays this weekend. 5:10. busiest holiday shopping days may turn into real black friday next, the strike that may leave cash registers silent. do you think your commute is slow? we have the proof that you're
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not imagining things. is it magic or science? [ unintelligible ] first, this morning's america's money report. good morning. that watch bank fees new study says many are still not being clear about checking account fees and are increasing the charges for basic services on the accounts. flying might be a hassle. new government numbers show between january and august airlines had an 82% on time arrival rate the best showing in 18 years and cancelled flights dropped to a record low. new look at wendy's for the past 30 years this has been the face of wendy's familiar red pigtails now an
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welcome back. embarcadero it is not raining here now i don't see drizzle, but i know it is a little damp. still have drizzle and sprinkles for the morning commute. warming trend for the weekend. 5:14. government attorneys are urging a delaware bankruptcy judge to reject the proposed reorganization plan of failed bay area solar power company solyndra. irs attorneys filed papers this week claims the plan's purpose is tax avoidance.
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two celebrities topping new list, not an honor they like. on the list of top tax evaders in california. according to the state franchise boordy beyond warwick and steven seagal are money the top five owing the most unpaid taxes. warwick who now lives in new jersey owes california 2 1/2 million dollars. segal the actor only owes a fraction of that, $350,000. black friday the big shopping day after thanksgiving could be messy for the world's biggest retailer wal-mart workers are threatening to strike black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year. the threat comes a day after dozens of employees in 12 states launched a strike
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against the company. the strikers are trying organize a union and they accuse wal-mart of blocking their effort and retaliating by firing union organizers. if you have been watching sue you know this is true, seems like traffic in san francisco is getting slower. you are right. according to latest index san francisco is the second most conjested u.s. city up from the number five position. only los angeles is worse. the navigation systems maker found travel times are 29% longer during peak commute hours. avoid driving on thursdays if you can that's most conjested day in the bay area. >> i love questions like this, do you get wetter running or walking through the rain? that and other burning questions are part of a new exhibit at the tech museum. the tv show mythbusters is
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showing off zany experiments, -- the exhibit is geared for kids but like the show it piques adults' curiosity. >> you see a kid come up to the station and start experimenting and the adult watches and then they are like wait a minute i figured this out, get out of the way let me try this. >> here's one more test you can try that you can do at home, mythbusters opens tomorrow, geared towards young people many of whom have never seen a phone booth. >> i'm going to guess walking. you get wetter walking through the rain. >> oh you want the answer? i'll find that out and we'll give it to you after mike's weather cast. [ talking over each other ]
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>> if you you are out longer because you are slower walking then -- [ unintelligible ] [ laughing ] >> education and that's what we get. >> you know what is going on out there >> but you are running covering more ground per second and there's more rain in that area. let's go outside. [ laughing ] [ talking over each other ] >> learned a long time ago not to argue with kristen, she always right. >> no, i'm not i just like the debate and i wonder. >> your husband says it is the opposite, you are always right. >> you two debate that and i'll give the forecast. looking at the bay bridge this morning as we look back towards san francisco from emeryville. eastern parts of contra costa county around antioch, brentwood, oakley, you could
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see the cherry trees getting light rain this morning on highway 4 to brentwood down basco road if you are around livermore or altamont you are going to get a little rain over the next 30 minutes or so. temperatures still in the 50s everywhere even around the monterey bay. going to be wet today, most likely that is going to happen this morning foggy spots build in tonight when clouds start open up. brighter and warmer weather starting sunday. i didn't want to tell her the answer because i didn't want to spoil it for you. mid to upper 60s south bay, mid 60s peninsula, i think they are still talking about it -- upper 50s to near 60s coast, low 60s downtown and south san francisco north bay low to mid 60s valleys upper 50s at your beaches.
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mid 60s east bay shore, into the east bay valleys, mid to upper 60s monterey bay and inland mid 60s not much in the way of microclimates. tonight 40s north bay valleys 50s for the rest of us cloudy, a little damp, dampness in the form of fog tomorrow. minor amount of moisture around the back side of this, as this pulls away today, sinking air behind it that's why i think we'll see increase in sunshine this afternoon, slightly warmer than yesterday. more sunshine tomorrow afternoon into sunday probably the warmest day this weekend. monday through wednesday low to mid 80s around the bay mid to upper 80s end land, low to mid 7pãat the coast. -- inland, low to mid 70s at the coast. hoping for friday light at the bay bridge that is going on now with live shot headed into san francisco, no metering lights minimal
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traffic upper deck. live shot of incline section towards treasure island moving nicely into san francisco. muni, we have a fire near the west portal tunnel, no inbound, no outbound for the west portal area they have a bus bridge in place and we'll be watching. no other mass transit delays if you are heading out now. south 880 accident at 23rd ing two right lanes road sensors not showing significant slowing. if they don't get that out there quickly it will you will have delays through oakland as you head out this morning. very quickly the mythbusters question, do you get wetter running or walking? you get wetter walking they confirmed that on the show that. makes kristen right. could you tell from the dance? >> that was interesting, thanks. next close encounter in space will the earth see it today? have you ever wondered who
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the average twitter user is? the answer coming up.
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it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people want a chance: they've all entered through our facebook page. go to then click the $49,000 button that will take you to the form where you can enter. we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers game. how do you compare to the average twitter user?
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new study has an interesting profile of the average user of the san francisco-based social network. the most typical tweeter is a woman in her late 20s, 208 followers, she likes to share information about her family and fashion sense and purple backgrounds are the most popular. today astronomers will keep tabs on an asteroid that will be zooming close to earth scientists say it poses no danger of hitting us. close is 59,000 mile as . [ unintelligible ]
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>> showers diminishing, i still think sprinkles are possible maybe a stray shower in the eastern sections of contra costa and alameda countess. -- counties. [ inaudible ] .
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breaking news in san jose fire has sent two people to the hospital. >> katie marzullo is live at the scene. flames are still burning last time we saw you what about now? >> reporter: just within the last 10 minutes the san jose fire department declared this fire under control. you can take a look at the damage. the fire broke out before 4:00 this morning so it burned who are than an hour, when the fire department got the call it was a call of explosions and house on fire. when they arrived they understood why. they could not go in they had to evacuate the two homes on
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either side of the home on fire. a husband and wife were able to get out and walked down the street the husband told the fire department that he had "a lot of ammo inside. " >> basically the shell casings become projectiles not as if they were coming from a gun but enough they may injure you. >> every time you heard a whack and you see fire shooting out of the house straight pup in the air. like a whip going off with a crack it was weird. >> reporter: the husband and wife who were in the home did suffer minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. the man had worse of the injuries having second degree barnes top of his head and hand. homeowners say they had pets inside the fire department does not know what kind of pets or if they were able to make it out. you can see as the fire crew
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continues to spray water the fire has been declared under control. pg&e also out here early this morning turning off power to this street. katie marzullo, abc7 news. breaking news from marin county firefighters have a two alarm house fire in mill valley knocked down. the fire broke out 3:00. crews took half hour to get that under control before it spread to nearby homes. resident suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene no word on the extent of damage or cause. people in a west san jose neighborhood feeling uneasy as a serial fire bug struck again the 10th in three weeks. cell phone video shows recent blaze in an alley just like that fire the one reported last night was set in a trash bin the fear is one of those maul fires will spread to
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nearby homes. police are warning residents and merchants to be on the lookout for anybody acting suspiciously. vice president biden and paul ryan will be back on the campaign trail this morning after a tough and testy exchange in their debate. who won? poll of more than 130,000 may have the best answer, 50/50. the debate sparked a few fireworks both delivered stark differences on domestic and foreign policy, including how to fix the economy. >> it is about time they take some responsibility here it instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they should be signing a pledge saying to the middle class, we are going to level the playing field. >> did they come in and inherit a tough situation? absolutely but we going in the wrong direction. >> when ryan mentioned jack
5:33 am
kennedy lowered tax rates biden fired back saying now you're jack kennedy? twitter says the debate generated 3 1/2 million tweets. biden's kennedy line generated 58,000 tweets a minute the most tweeted remark. overall the debate didn't create nearly as much traffic as the presidential debates, 10.3 million tweets. >> next debate, next tuesday when president obama and mitt romney meet at hofstra university in new york. it will be the second debate. this one will be in a town hall meeting format. abc 7 will carry it live starting at 6:00 in the evening. a's fans thanking their team for a fantastic season. the comeback team that kept coming back all year long couldn't manage one more win to advance in the playoffs. tigers dominated the a's last night in the final game of
5:34 am
their series shutting them out 6-0 fans. say it was a great ride and gave their team a standing ovation. giants fans are equally proud celebrating big time after giants beat the red in cincinnati. posey's grand slam in the 5th led the giants to a 6-4 victory they chance to the series that begins this sunday. stick around at 6:00, we'll cover more on the giants. tell you what they are facing, next. the second phase of san francisco's preside -- presidio project will be celebrated officials will be on hand to mark the start of the doyle drive, the phase is a public-private partnership that includes construction of the northbound battery tunnel two main post tunnels and an intersection that runs through
5:35 am
the presidio. transportation secretary lahood is planning to visit sassoon bay this morning. two dozen ships from the national does reserve fleet aimed for the scrap heap have been removed from the area the past few years part after effort to cleanup and improve the waters of sassoon bay. lahood says depth has been making progress. -- says the department has been making progress. you might encounter some wet roads out there maybe that is a surprise, maybe not. >> just wet roads mike or residual showers? >> we have one residual shower remaining. eastern section of contra costa heading into alameda county right down basco from brentwood and oakley towards livermore and altamont. over the windmills for the most part but heading towards ramon road, north livermore,
5:36 am
highland, greenville fit holds together it will head towards tesla road and get some of the vineyards in the southern sections of livermore with a little moisture but won't be enough to ruin the crop just make it a little damp only couple hundredths after inch is going to fall. north to south sense of showers there, that means we are getting limited amount of moisture for most of us this morning, sprinkles, drizzle at the most, enough moisture that the streets could stay coated with a little bit of dampness through the morning. no fog this morning yet, low clouds, visibilities as low as eight miles at sfo and half moon bay tomorrow more fog. today damp and drizzle conditions through 7:00 temperatures in the 50s, dry by noon, still need jackets upper 50s to low 60s 4:00 sunshine, upper 50s coast mid
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to upper 60s bay and inland then you need the coat again for friday evening. upper 50s at the coast low to mid 60s bay and inland. brighter tomorrow arm once the fog fades then warm push sunday into monday temperatures warmer next week. good morning. bay bridgely metering lights off no delays into -- san francisco, traffic light, we were getting conflicting reports about muni in san francisco the west portal metro there's a fire near the west portal tunnel not affecting muni inbound and outbound trains they are getting through at this time. we will keep following that. no other mass transit delays. upgraded situation in oakland southbound 880 at 23rd, chp issuing "sig alert" two right lanes block, slow traffic past the scene.
5:38 am
north 680 at 24 they had debris in lanes trying to get a propane tank out of lanes. drive times, 80 from the maze to 238 highway 4 out of antioch and there's your east shore freeway drive not so bad. are you planning a trip to the post office any time soon? you might want to stock up on stamps. larry ellison sets his sights on a new target. if you booked a flight on american airlines, call ahead. the latest cuts could leave you stranded at the airport. right now another live look space shuttle endeavour on its final journey these are live pictures from los angeles, not only is there the shuttle being moved through streets on its way to a museum you can
5:39 am
see how slowly it is moving give crowds time to admire and cheer and savor this moment before they have to visit it at a museum. >> in orbit 17,000 miles an hour on the streets two miles an hour. two-day journey, 12 miles. we'll be right back.
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carses coming from marin across the golden gate into san francisco for the most part leftover moisture a little sprinkle maybe a drizzle for the morning commute. warmer sunshine on the way. oracle's ceo ellison may be making potential bid for multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment empire. ellison may be interested in the aeg group. the deal includes stakes in the lakers, kings hockey team and more than 100 worldwide entertainment and sports venues. sources say owning aeg would allow ellison to buy and relocate an nfl team to los angeles. you might want to start stocking up on those forever stamps the postal service is raising the price of a stamp
5:43 am
to 46 cents next year. will introduce a new global forever stamp that will a first class letter anywhere in the world for $1.10. they wanted to raise stamps by -- new trouble for american airlines. the carrier is cutting its flight schedule through the first half of november many american cancelled hundreds of flights in recent weeks. the airline is struggling to come out of bankruptcy. it says the cuts will not affect holiday travel. >> the bloomberg business report coming up. right now the shuttle endeavour live pictures inching through the streets of los angeles this is a very busy area and a lot people have come out early to see
5:44 am
this. next, why the move to its permanent new home will take the shuttle two days. >> plus, no one can remember seeing anything like this before. giant eye washes up on a beach. the question is, who does it belong to? what an inspiration. young athlete refuses to quit. how he finished the triathlon, after his prosthetic leg broke off.
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well company back. live doppler still watching one shower move through livermore now if you are traveling around the state showers from high country down to the higher elevations in southern california possible today temperatures in the 70s in most areas 60s yosemite and big sur 55 tahoe and eureka. scattered showers today -- if you are heading to yosemite you may see a little snowfall above 8700 feet during the morning to early afternoon hours today lingering clouds saturday, building warp, near 80 by sunday. -- building warm, near 80 by sunday. teenager charged with trying to kill a mill valley couple and stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini
5:48 am
could face nor charges. the d.a. wants to charge 18-year-old max wade for trying pull a loaded gun on detectives who went to arrest him. police say he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and her boyfriend after she turned him down. the hearing continue determine whether there is enough evidence to hold wade overfor trial. >> winner of this year's nobel peace prize is the european union. the committee made that announcement a few hours ago. the committee is praising the eu for six decades of contributions to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in europe. several nations struggle with the debt crisis. the decision was unanimous among the five-member committee. happening now an unusual sight on the streets of los angeles, endeavour slowly makes its way to its new home this is a live look at the shuttle not flying pulled
5:49 am
along carefully at last -- it is on i was i to the california science center this is a 12 mile journey through city streets at two miles an hour. it is going to take two days for the 165,000 pound shuttle to reach its does , major roads close, traffic diverted. >> it looks like it might have been stopped for a moment. >> there were big crowds watching he. >> we want to let you know sue hall has been getting new updates about a new accident in oakland and the latest on that muni situation metro line affected -- conflicting reports, initially the trains were getting through the west
5:50 am
portal tunnel now we are being told fire trucks are blocking the tracks this affects the west portal muni metro trains they are working on setting up a bus bridge. no other problems with mass transit throughout the bay area at this time. next big hot spot in oakland south 880 at 23rd "sig alert" issued traffic slow past the scene. let's look at our waze app, better look at the stopped traffic. traffic spotter reporting complete standstill in south oakland. two right lanes blocked at this time. you might want to take 580 to get around this, you can maneuver around with this free app at live doppler 7 hd still tracking lone shower through livermore heading towards their wine country as it heads
5:51 am
south no cities in the path just the diablo range much needed light rain going to fall in that area many one of the last storms out there as the radar is becoming drier as we speak. still sprinkles, drizzle possible for the morning commute let over residual moisture on the ground many looks like our unsettled weather starting to becoming more settled, especially this afternoon. right now all these 55's just about everybody if not 58 in mountain view mid 50s monterey bay and inland. wet today that's this morning. it will -- fog tonight especially when the clouds open up. the fog will form tomorrow morning brighter and warmer especially starting sunday into next week. today the big story how much cooler than average from 9° if oakland san francisco to double digits concord, san jose, redwood city, santa rosa 14° cooler.
5:52 am
low pressure moving east while you were sleeping minimal moisture around the back side this is always the more stable side that's why showers fall apart as we speak. scattered sprinkles through the morning, by noon over, by the afternoon you can see drier air and open up the clouds going to be chilly during the evening. overnight fog formed for our 7:00 hour saturday morning. saturday afternoon a lot of sunshine, partly cloudy sunday morning may have a little fog and then sunday afternoon warmer with temperatures starting to climb near average, if not getting above average as we head towards monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday mid to upper 80s inland, low to mid 80s around the bay, upper 60s to mid 70s along the coast for midweek forecast. have a great day. 5:52. >> wal-mart shoppers, listen up, you may be in for longer
5:53 am
lines at the nation's busiest retailer this holiday season. >> here's jane king. good morning. wal-mart may have more to deal with than a rush of customers trying to grab bargains day after thanksgiving. unhappy employees are planning rallies, flash mobs and other public events at wal-marts on black fridays protesting low wages, work conditions and what they call wal-mart's pattern of retaliation. another price hike gets stamp of approval going up a penny to 46 cents starting january 27th. global forever stamp for $1.10. united airlines gives up on latest attempt to raise fares by $10 round trip.
5:54 am
tension with pilots after voiding their contract continues to hurt bankruptcy american airlines extending cuts in the number of flights until mid november after experiencing the worst on-time record. the airline has threatened legal action again the pilots if the delays don't stop. investors today eyeing bigger than expected quarterly profit at jpmorgan chase mixed close yesterday. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:54. now to this story minnesota woman -- we have terry. we have terry right now at the fire. >> right now a look at what is happening, restaurant fire at three alarms now. this is right outside the west portal muni tunnel. terry mcsweeney is there --
5:55 am
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: three alarm fire at the squat and gobble main concern for firefighters what can you tell us chief? >> so far there's no injuries which is good always. we are making sure that the structure -- we have a defensive mode going on here at the squat and gobble because fire was burning through the roof for a period of time we pulled all our members out. the building adjacent we are applying water into the restaurant. we are not contained, but much better handle than an hour ago. >> reporter: what can you tell us about street cars out of tunnel, going through here busy intersection are they being allowed to go through? >> we are just approaching the commute hour l train running,
5:56 am
m and k suspended. hopefully we'll get them up and running soon. right now m and k are impacted. >> reporter: fire chief white, thank you. concern mentioned by a police officer next door to the squat and gobble is a wine shop, next to that is an orthodontic shop, office i should say and there's concern there's oxygen in there and they don't want the fire to get there. right now it is nowhere near there. i wanted to point that out as one of the concerns. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are going to come back to you after the break and find out more the latest on that fire and how it is affecting muni. minnesota woman who may have received tainted steroid injections blamed for nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak is suing the drug seller the suit appears to be
5:57 am
the first stemming from outbreak blamed for more than 140 cases and 14 deaths. the woman who filed the suit is waiting to find out if she has meningitis. so far health officials say they've tracked down 12,000 of the roughly 14,000 people who may have received the contaminated steroid shots. touching moment during a triathlon in florida you have to see this 11-year-old's prosthetic leg broke before the finish. there were strong arms who helped him across the finish line. [ cheering and applause ] >> 11-year-old ben had completed the swimming and biking portions of that race when his prosthetic leg broke he tried to fix it, it was beyond repair, a group of marines hosting the race picked him up. ben lost his leg to cancer when he was 6-years-old it has never held him back. he plays soccer and basketball.
5:58 am
from the halls of montezuma to the racetracks of florida the u.s. marine
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